Youth Training Schedule
All Classes Listed Below Are Included With the following memberships: 
Un Limited Classes Memberships - $199 per month 
1 Class per week Membership - $120 per month 
$35 drop in price for non-members

4:30pm - Sports Performance

5:30pm - Flag Football Skills 

6:30pm - Softball Skills -Hitting 


4:30pm - Sports Performance

5:30pm - Sports Performance 

6:30pm - Softball Skills - Fielding

*6:30pm - RUN Club - Begins Aug 23rd


4:30pm - Sports Performance 

5:30pm - Flag Football Skills 


4:30pm - Sports Performance

5:30pm - Sports Performance 

*5:30pm - Soccer Skills - Begins Aug 25th

*6:30pm - RUN Club - Begins Aug 25th


5:30pm - Sports Performance -Softball 

Begins Aug 19th 


11am - Girls HS Basketball Open Gym 

Aug 6th, 13th, 21st, 27th ($5 non member)

Class Descriptions

Sports Performance

Strength and Conditioning - is used to develop every area of the body and improve the way a person moves, with the intention of enhancing sporting or physical performance. This training is beneficial for athletes of all sports. 

Speed and Agility - Youth speed and agility training increases your functional core strength, dynamic flexibility, control and balance. 

Vertical/Lateral Explosion- Along with making you a better athlete overall, having good lateral quickness also can help you when it comes to injury prevention.

Training exercises to increase vertical jumping include plyometrics consisting of quick, explosive movements designed to increase speed and power


Strength Training

Fun, functional and always fresh, this workout helps tone and fine-tune major muscle groups to ignite total-body strength and coordination.

This class is for members who are 13 years and older

Hybrid Fitness

Adult functional fitness classes designed towards a variety of workouts for all fitness levels. Group training to help prevent injury and improve your overall fitness level. 

• Resistance Training

• Interval Training

• Cardiovascular Development

• Muscular Endurance

• Strength Training

• Body Weight Performance

Football Skills 

Players will work on their core skills such as running with the ball, first touch, striking the ball and 1v1 moves, as well as improving their ball control by learning how to juggle and do tricks.


 Softball Skills 

Hitting -Players will go through a number of drills working on technique and the fundamentals of hitting. These drills will support them in creating good habits and confidence while behind the plate.

Fielding -Players will work on enhancing their throwing mechanics through multiple drills, as well as running through basic fielding drills. These drills will support them in developing and improving their skills in fielding and throwing.